Global Success Academy

Customer Service Policy

At Global Success Academy, we want our customers to feel welcomed and happy. We hope our customers experience with us is a peaceful and stress free, and we want to continue
upholding this standard even after service is complete. To meet our goals of being the top service provider, we train all of our customer service representatives thoroughly.

All customer service representatives meet customer concern with the following actions:

  • Communication: Our customer service representative communicate by phone or through chat or emails with courtesy and manner.
  • Listen: Our customer service representative carefully gather all the details to understand the customers need.
  • Respond: Our customer service representative always respond to customers request or complaint within 48 working hours by emails or on phone.
  • Investigate: Our customer service representative want to know what went wrong to minimize the chances of it happening again.
  • Privacy: Our customer service representative keep customer data safe and secure and use customer information to contact customer
  • Refund Policy:
    – Training fees is non-transferable or nonrefundable.
    – If customer is dissatisfied with our service and within the last 30 days and receipt provided we offer 50% discount on future service.
    – If no receipt provided we offer 25% discount on future discount.

    We are always ready to give best service to our
    customer. If you have any feedback on our customer service policies, please submit a message through email.

    Thank You
    Global Success Academy