NLP Practitioner Certification Program

By Life Coach Kalpesh Desai

MUMBAI : 20 to 24 MAY 2022

Course Content

  • Where NLP is useful
  • Conscious & Unconscious Mind
  • NLP Communicatiion Model
  • Pattern Detection
  • Changing Unwanted Pattern
  • Representation System
  • Power of Sensory Language
  • Sub-modalities
  • Shifting Sub-modality
  • NLP Presupposition
  • Clean Language Questions
  • Eye Accessing Cues
  • Timelines
  • Anchoring Techniques
  • How to set an anchor ?
  • How to collapse an anchor ?
  • Practical demo of Setting & collapsing anchor
  • Swish Pattern
  • Sensory Rich Language
  • Reframming
  • Perceptual Position
  • Circle of Confidence
  • Neurological Alignment
  • Rapport Building
  • RAS
  • NLP Meta Model
  • Meta Program
  • Milton Model
  • Hypnotic Induction
  • Outcomes
  • Structure of outcome
  • Setting an outcome
  • How to change beliefs ?
  • Removing Limiting Beliefs
  • Developing Positive Beliefs
  • Setting Values Hierarchy
  • Program Subconscious Mind
  • Visulaization
  • Affirmation Technique
  • Metaphor
  • Social Panorama
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Success & Happiness Formula
  • Five Tips To Gain Confidence

Trainers & Coaches are in High Demand.
Make a career as a Professional Trainer or Coach.

About the life coach Kalpesh Desai.

Kalpesh Desai is a founder of Global Success Training & Consulancy. Kalpesh is an expert Corporate Trainer, Life Coach & Certified NLP Coach having experience of 20 years of professional training. He is one of the top most trainer of Transformational Leadership & Professional Public Speaking.
He has trained 1,20,000+ people and add values to achieve their highest potential.
He has trained more than 1500 people & made them successful public speaker & dynamic leader.
He has trained and inspired 60+ trainers who started their career as a professional trainer.
He is good author also. He has writtern and published two books.
He has conducted 600+ seminars & 250+ workshops.
He has designed professional training modules that demands of corporates & individuals.
His purpose of life is to empower life of people by adding values through training & coaching.

Benefits of NLP Practitioner Certification Program

  • You will learn powerful tools & techniques of NLP.
  • You will have complete knowledge and understanding about NLP.
  • You will have deep understanding about brain & mind.
  • You can see the world with different perception.
  • You can identity your own pattern.
  • You will learn techniques to change your own pattern.
  • You can understand human behaviour easily.
  • you will have more self-confidence.
  • You will be able to change your negative habits.
  • You can set and achieve clear outcomes.
  • you will have more positive beliefs.
  • You can guide more and more people.
  • You will have more understanding - how to become powerful coach & mentor ?
  • You will become certified NLP Practitioner & Coach.
  • You can start your journey as NLP trainer & coach.

Who Should Join ?

  • Anyone who want deep knowledge and understanding about NLP.
  • Who want to transform their and others life.
  • Who have a passion of helping more and more people.
  • Who want to become NLP Trainer or Coach.



What Will You Get ?

  • Transformational Training
  • Training Material
  • Value Added Certificate
  • Life Time Support

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