3 Days “TRAIN THE TRAINER” Program

By Life Coach Kalpesh Desai

PUNE - 24. 25, 26 JUNE 2022

MUMBAI - 8, 9, 10 JULY 2022

Trainers & Coaches are in High Demand.
Make a career as a Professional Trainer or Coach.

Do you want to become Certified Trainer or Coach?

Do you want to learn strategies to become successful Trainer or Coach?

Join Train The Trainer Program.

If you have a desire to become highly paid Trainer, Speaker or Coach but don’t know how to start. Or… If you are already doing this but stuck and want to grow more… Register for “TRAIN THE TRAINER” program.

Why should you join TTT program?

  • To become certified Trainer or Coach.
  • To learn advance techniques of effective presentation skills.
  • To be able to address large audience confidently.
  • To learn how to give transformational training.
  • To learn perfect structure of Short & long presentation.
  • To know How to Design & Promote Own Training Modules.
  • To learn how to deliver different type of presentations.
  • To be able to give presentation effectively by using Power Point.
  • To learn how to remove monotony & make presentation memorable.
  • To learn how to entertain audience using humour.
  • To learn presentations tools & techniques.
  • To understand how to give personal coaching to solve individual problem.
  • To learn proven strategies to become powerful Trainer or Coach.
  • To know how to earn more than 2 lac per month as a Trainer or Coach.



What Will You Learn?

  • Type of professional trainer
  • Qualities of outstanding trainer
  • Ten effective steps to become professional trainer
  • Ten effective ways to start presentation
  • How to persuade audience ?
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Structure of short presentation
  • Structure of long presentation
  • How to organize long presentation ?
  • Presentation Tools & Techniques
  • Effective use of power point presentation
  • How to plan training session ?
  • How to interact during Q&A session ?
  • Effective use of icebreaker activities
  • How to make presentation memorable ?
  • How to become expert trainer ?
  • How to start journey as a professional trainer ?
  • Practice of delivering different training module
  • Marketing Tools & Techniques
  • Success Formula

Who Should Join TTT?

  • People who desire to make a difference in society.
  • People who have a passion of training.
  • HR Managers, Marketing Managers, Teachers, Professors, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Soft Skill Trainers, Social Leaders, Senior Executives, Corporate Leaders, Professionals etc…

Features of TTT Program:

  • Training In Peaceful & Luxurious Environment.
  • Live, Interactive & Activity based Training.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Cookies.
  • Useful Training Materials.
  • Life Time Support.
  • Certificate of Certified Professional Trainer.
  • Ready to deliver presentations (ppts).
  • Motivational Videos.
  • Video Recording of all your presentations.
  • 90 days action plan.
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Start your journey as

Corporate Trainer, Soft Skill Trainer, Business Trainer, Educational Trainer, Language Trainer, Insurance Trainer, Mind Trainer, Industrial Trainer, Sports Trainer, Fitness Trainer, Life Coach... .

A big career opportunity is knocking your door.
Don’t wait, register your name

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