NLP Mind Mastery Workshop

Do You want Tremendous growth in health,Wealth, Happiness, Business,Money & Relationship? If YES ! JOIN NLP WORKSHOP

Learn NLP principles & techniques & apply it for  Better Health, Wealth, Happiness, Business, Money & Relationship.

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Why NLP?

  • NLP is very powerful and scientific brain development technique.
  • NLP is for self development & change.
  • To change thoughts,beliefs & Habits.
  • To master the communication skills.
  • NLP teaches us how to communictae with self and others.
  • NLP is very useful for personal & professional growth.
NLP Foundation Program is powerpacked transformational program in which you will learn & master NLP techniques, You will experience the difference after mastered these techniques. You can easily apply it for betterment of your life.

Topics Covered in NLP Workshop

  • What is NLP?
  • How to use NLP for self development & change?
  • Applications of NLP
  • Major presuppositions of NLP
  • Pattern detection
  • Sub Modalities
  • Rapport Building
  • Eliminating Fears & Phobias
  • NLP For Money
  • Representational System
  • Clean Language
  • Meta Model
  • Anchoring
  • Reframing
  • NLP for business
  • NLP for relationship
  • NLP for health

Benifits of the program

  • After learning NLP techniques you will be more strong Emotionally, Physically & Mentally.
  • You can change  your habits.
  • You will be able to upgrade your mind and improve intelligence & communication.
  • You will be able to remove phobia & develop more self confidence.
  • You can take bold decisions & take fast actions.
  • You can able to apply NLP in business & profession.
  • You can apply NLP techniques to earn more money.
  • You can set clear goal and achieve your goal effortlessly.
  • You will be able to heal health problems like blood pressure,sugar,depression etc.
  • You will get tremendous growth in business, sales,money relations, health,wealth & happiness.

NLP Mind Mastery Workshop

Date :  9,10 March

City: Surat


By International NLP Practitioner & Life Coach